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watercolor on paper

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Red Poppies
Shoshone Falls
Pat's Geraniums
Barrel Racer Study
Girl with Shoes
Bruce Meadows in Camas
Centennial Mash Fence II
Black-necked Stilt
Josie at the Recital
Grandma's Present
In His Prime
Happiness in Bear Valley
Early Snow in Mountains_lores
First Show
Ludo Johnson
Centennial Marsh Fence I
Eagle Hay
Doe and Fawns at Fall River
Nora (sold)
Yellow to Blue
T-Ball Jack
Camas Bird (sold)
Catalpa Flowers
Autumn Mallard
Lakeshore Kids
Josie and Duke
Eagle Horses
Hazel Johnson
Yellow and Purple
Kathryn Albertson Fall I
Eagle Ponies (sold)
Hawthorn Berries (sold)
Fall Cherries
Flowering Cherry
Pink Roses
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