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5" x 7" watercolor on paper

select image for titles and availability

Bruce Meadows Study
Black-necked Stilt Study
Off Hwy 21 Study
Study for Gracie
4th of July Lake Study II
4th of July Lake Study
Josie and Duke Study
Study for Lauren in Red Rocks
Pat's Geraniums Study
Study for Josie with Cake
Outside Stanley Study 1
March Creek Study 2
Study for Sydney
Outside Idaho Falls Study I
Outside Stanley Study II
Outside Stanley Study I
Cascade Blue Study
Outside Cascade Study I
Outside Idaho Falls Study I
Marsh Creek Study
K Albertson Fall Study I
Outside Cascade Study II
Deer Family Study
Wood Duck Study
Tia Study
K Albertson Park Study III
K Albertson Park Study II
White Lilies Study
Magnolia Study
Study for Brookie
Ludo Study
Study for Hazel
Goose and Goslings Study
Cowboys Study
Mark and Hazel Study
Death Valley 1 Study
Death Valley 2 Study
Dad's Apples Study

Watercolor on Paper

All studies are 5" x 7"

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